I help driven women make bold career moves at equally bold pay.

As a Career Consultant, Speaker and Writer, I guide my clients in:

·      Getting promoted to the next level in their career

·      Transitioning careers to unreachable industries

·      Creating networking strategies that build lasting relationships in and out of the workplace

·      Repositioning their resume, interview approach and career story to land new career opportunities

·      Negotiating salaries that reflect the value they bring to the workplace

I have an MBA and bring my 10+ years of combined experience as a hiring manager working in education, high-growth tech and banking. I’ve worked through mergers & acquisitions and have gone through an IPO. I’ve coached clients across all industries and have made a number of major career transitions myself. I know what works and how to get results.

I teach my clients how to craft their personal and professional story in a way that resonates and lands new opportunities.  

If you have the motivation, persistence, and the dream to transition careers, I would love to connect with you.